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Luigi Repoli



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What Drives Us


Dreaming in Technicolor

We conjure grand visions and think beyond the ordinary, crafting innovative and impactful content that elevates your product above the realm of competition.


Trendsetters in Our Own Right

We not only keep pace with the trends but also reinvent them, ensuring our creations stand out in a world of echoes.


Masters of Enchantment

Our communication with clients is akin to a magical dialogue, delving deep to truly comprehend their desires and conjure what will truly resonate.


Eternal Apprentices of the Arcane

Our journey of learning never ceases, constantly enhancing our mystical skills and knowledge to conjure the most extraordinary solutions for our clients.

Exclusive Services


Creative Pre-Production

Unique concept development, engaging scripts, selection of premium locations and prestigious guests.


Innovative Production

Cutting-edge shooting technologies, professional lighting, immersive set designs.


Advanced Post-Production

Refined editing, impactful color grading, crystal-clear audio, dynamic graphics.


Tailored Distribution

SMM & Digital Marketing in house and with our super pro partners places your brand at the forefront across all platforms and social media.

Release the Unicorn in You
Fly High with Pinkie Productions

In the realm of Pinkie Productions, we hold a steadfast belief that video content is not just powerful, but magical in its ability to weave your story and create a profound connection with your audience.

Embrace the spirit of the unicorn within you, and let us elevate your narrative to soaring heights.

Unleash your creativity and let’s embark on this mythical journey together. Contact Pinkie Productions today, and let’s start crafting a story that flies as high as a unicorn in the sky!

Pinkie Productions
Mythical Video Creations

Pinkie Productions - Mythical Video Creations

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